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6.7lb Celestite Heart Raw Geode

6.7lb Celestite Heart Raw Geode

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This chunky 6lb 9oz heart-shaped Celestite cluster measures 6.2in x 5.4in x 2.2in. This cluster has some yellowish brown inclusion as pictured.

Celestite is a gentle, calming crystal that enhances intuition and psychic abilities. It is very useful when contacting the Angelic realms and Spirit Guides. It has a dreamy blue color and puts you at ease just by being in its presence. This stone is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping or winding down and it great to keep in your bedroom. Celestite cleanses the aura and provides an overall spiritual detox with its high frequency. It provides serenity and peace while also opening up the third eye and throat chakras, allowing for clear communication. Celestite is also known to bring courage to those who are shy or suffer from social anxiety.

Other Celestite Healing Properties:
• Helps with dream recall and astral travel
• Promotes spiritual development
• Relieves anxiety and stress

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