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Moldavite Raw Specimen

Moldavite Raw Specimen

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AUTHENTIC Moldavite from Czech Republic

Moldavite is a rare tektite from a meteor collision in Czech Republic 15 million years ago. It is one of the most powerful tolls for spiritual growth and transformation. It enhances psychic abilities, multidimensional awareness, and divine communication. Moldavite holds intense frequencies of the Earth and the Extraterrestrial. The high vibration of Moldavite can help shift stagnant energy and open up spiritual road blocks. It helps release negative energy and emotions and balances the heart chakra.

Other Moldavite Healing Properties:
• Catalyzes major priority shifts & life changes
• Helps find and preserve true love
• Powerful third-eye activation

A - 2.84g / 1.24in
B - 2g / .75in
C - 1.52g / .88in
D - 1.44g / 1.05in
E -  1.36g /  .69in
F - .97g / .66in

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